1: The wedding scene begins, and the clock is ticking. Can you spot the blue comb hidden in eleven seconds?

2: Keep your eyes peeled as the guests dance and the vows are exchanged. The blue comb is waiting to be found.

3: Time is running out as the cake is cut and the speeches begin. Will you be the puzzle champion to find the blue comb?

4: Don't get distracted by the flowers and decorations. Focus on the task at hand - finding that elusive blue comb.

5: The clock is ticking down, but you're not giving up. Scan the crowds and the scenery for any hint of the blue comb's whereabouts.

6: As the music plays, your heart races. Will you be the one to triumph and locate the blue comb in this wedding scene?

7: The pressure is on as the seconds fly by. Trust your instincts and search every corner for the blue comb's hiding spot.

8: You're getting closer to the end of the eleven seconds. Stay focused and determined to spot the blue comb in this wedding puzzle.

9: Congratulations! You've found the blue comb in record time. Only true puzzle champions can achieve this feat - well done!