1: Start with "Yellowstone" Season 1 before diving into "1883."

2: Next, watch the prequel "1883" to understand the Dutton family's roots.

3: Follow up with the "Yellowstone" Season 2 for more drama and ranch politics.

4: Then, explore "6666" for a deeper look into the rich Texas ranching history.

5: Dive into "Yellowstone" Season 3 for intense family dynamics and shocking twists.

6: Watch "Y: 1883" for a modern take on the Fargo settlement saga.

7: Continue with "Yellowstone" Season 4 for more power struggles and betrayal.

8: Explore "6666: The Company" for a realistic depiction of corporate ranching.

9: End with "6666" Season 1 for a fresh perspective on the iconic Yellowstone universe.