1: Scarlet Witch, played by Elizabeth Olsen, returns from the dead in the new Marvel series "WandaVision".

2: The stunning Marvel art showcases the powerful character's resurrection and her role in the MCU.

3: Fans anticipate Scarlet Witch's return and how her storyline will unfold in "WandaVision".

4: Elizabeth Olsen's portrayal of the iconic character is highly anticipated by fans and critics.

5: The visually striking Marvel art teases Scarlet Witch's return in the new MCU series.

6: "WandaVision" promises to explore Scarlet Witch's powers and her journey after her resurrection.

7: The stunning artwork captures Scarlet Witch's powerful presence in the MCU.

8: Elizabeth Olsen's return as Scarlet Witch is a thrilling development for Marvel fans.

9: The new series brings Scarlet Witch back to life in a visually stunning and powerful way.