1: Israeli strikes kill at least 37 Palestinians near Gaza's Rafah as offensive expands. The death toll rises as air raids intensify in the region.

2: Homes destroyed and families displaced as a result of the ongoing violence. Palestinians mourn the loss of loved ones amid the devastation.

3: International condemnation grows as casualties mount from the Israeli attacks. Calls for a ceasefire to prevent further bloodshed in Gaza.

4: Civilian infrastructure targeted in the airstrikes, including schools and hospitals. Humanitarian crisis deepens as resources become scarce for the affected communities.

5: Escalation of violence prompts fears of a full-scale war in the region. World leaders urge both sides to de-escalate and return to negotiations for peace.

6: Palestinians flee their homes in search of safety as the conflict escalates. Thousands seek refuge in overcrowded shelters, lacking basic necessities.

7: Palestinian resistance groups retaliate with rocket attacks on Israeli cities. The cycle of violence continues as both sides refuse to back down.

8: Amid the chaos, children bear the brunt of the violence with many losing their lives. Innocent lives taken in the crossfire of the conflict in Gaza.

9: As the death toll rises and the destruction mounts, the need for a peaceful resolution becomes more urgent. The world watches as the crisis in Gaza unfolds.