1: Introduction Discover the incredible story of eight dimes and a Bicentennial quarter worth 70 million each still in circulation.

2: The Discovery Learn how these rare coins were found and why they hold such immense value.

3: Historical Significance Explore the history behind these dimes and quarter, dating back to the Bicentennial celebrations.

4: Rarity Unmatched Find out why these coins are so rare and why collectors are willing to pay top dollar for them.

5: Valuation Understand the estimated value of each coin and how they have become highly sought after in numismatic circles.

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7: Collector's Dream Discover why owning one of these coins is a dream come true for coin collectors around the world.

8: Investment Potential Explore the investment potential of these rare coins and how they can potentially increase in value over time.

9: Conclusion Wrap up the story of the eight dimes and Bicentennial quarter worth 70 million each, highlighting their continued legacy in the world of numismatics.