1: Title: Dr. Michael Mosley's Belly Fat-Busting Foods Quick and effective tips to reduce belly fat Image: Dr. Mosley with healthy foods

2: Almonds A handfuk of almonds daily keeps belly fat away Image: Almonds

3: Avocado Rich in healthy fats, great for reducing belly fat Image: Avocado

4: Greek Yogurt High in protein, aids in fat loss around the belly Image: Greek Yogurt

5: Salmon Omega-3s in salmon help reduce belly fat Image: Salmon

6: Quinoa Fiber-rich quinoa promotes belly fat loss Image: Quinoa

7: Alternative for Busy Days Smoothie Quick and healthy on-the-go meal option Image: Smoothie

8: Greek Salad Easy to prepare, healthy choice for busy days Image: Greek Salad

9: Dr. Michael Mosley's Tips Small changes in diet can lead to big results Image: Dr. Mosley with healthy foods