1: 1. "Power is about knowing who you are and taking control of your own destiny." 2. "Strength comes from within, never underestimate your own capabilities." 3. "Success is not about being liked, it's about being respected."

2: 4. "In a world of sharks, it's important to be the one in control of the ocean." 5. "Being a woman in a man's world is not a weakness, it's a strength." 6. "Never apologize for being successful, own your achievements."

3: 7. "Sometimes you have to play the game in order to change the rules." 8. "Failure is not an option when you have the drive to succeed." 9. "Don't wait for opportunities, create them yourself."

4: 10. "It's not about the obstacles in your path, it's about how you overcome them." 11. "Never let anyone dim your light, shine bright and stand tall." 12. "Your power lies in your ability to inspire others."

5: 13. "When you believe in yourself, the world becomes your oyster." 14. "Confidence is key, never doubt your worth." 15. "Being underestimated can be your greatest advantage."

6: 16. "In a world full of followers, be a leader." 17. "Always stay true to yourself, authenticity is empowering." 18."Success is not about the destination, it's about the journey."

7: 19. "It's not about the battles you've won, it's about the strength you gained from fighting." 20. "Never let anyone define your worth, you are limitless." 21. "Empowerment comes from within, harness your inner strength."

8: 22. "When you have the courage to chase your dreams, you will achieve greatness." 23. "Don't be afraid to stand out in a crowd, your uniqueness is your power." 24. "Your voice matters, speak up and make a difference."

9: 25. "The only limits that exist are the ones you place on yourself." 26. "Embrace your power and watch as the world opens up to you." 27. "In a world full of obstacles, be the one who overcomes them all."