1: 1. Michael Weatherly hints at possible Tony and Ziva spinoff. 2. Fans excited for potential new show starring beloved characters.

2: 3. Weatherly teases surprises in store for Tony and Ziva fans. 4. Spinoff could delve deeper into characters' relationship and history.

3: 5. Promises of unexpected twists and turns in upcoming series. 6. Weatherly's hints spark speculation among loyal NCIS viewers.

4: 7. Fans eagerly awaiting official confirmation of spinoff. 8. Excitement grows for potential return of beloved duo on screen.

5: 9. Weatherly shares insights on what fans can expect from Tony and Ziva. 10. Spinoff could explore new adventures and challenges for iconic characters.

6: 11. Collaboration between Weatherly and NCIS team fuels excitement. 12. Tony and Ziva's chemistry continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

7: 13. Weatherly's hints about spinoff leave fans craving more details. 14. Potential storyline developments set to surprise and delight loyal viewers.

8: 15. Weatherly's revelations about Tony and Ziva's future spark buzz. 16. Speculation mounts as fans eagerly await official news on spinoff.

9: 17. Weatherly's insights offer glimpse into potential Tony and Ziva spinoff. 18. Anticipation builds as fans hope for reunion of iconic NCIS pair.