1: Meet Gina Torres, the powerhouse behind Jessica Pearson in "Suits" and "Pearson".

2: Catch Gina Torres in "Firefly", where she shines as Zoe Washburne, a fierce space warrior.

3: See Gina Torres in "Cleopatra 2525", where she kicks butt as the titular character in a post-apocalyptic world.

4: Don't miss Gina Torres as the voice of Wonder Woman in "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths".

5: Explore Gina Torres' versatile range in "Angel", where she plays Anna Espinosa, a deadly agent.

6: Experience Gina Torres' elegance in "Westworld", where she portrays Lauren Haley, a corporate leader.

7: Discover Gina Torres in "The Catch", where she captivates as Agent Justine Diaz, a cunning investigator.

8: Follow Gina Torres' journey in "Hannibal", as she mesmerizes as Bella Crawford, a strong survivor.

9: Watch Gina Torres in "Suits: Second City", where she reprises her iconic role as Jessica Pearson in this thrilling spin-off.