1: Add blueberries to boost brain health and reduce inflammation. Skip sugary snacks and processed foods high in trans fats.

2: Incorporate fatty fish like salmon for omega-3s and cognitive function. Avoid excess red meat and processed meats.

3: Include leafy greens such as spinach for antioxidants and vitamins. Cut down on sugary beverages and artificial sweeteners.

4: Try walnuts for healthy fats and improved memory. Steer clear of fried foods and foods high in refined sugars.

5: Opt for turmeric for its anti-inflammatory properties. Limit alcohol consumption and high-sodium processed foods.

6: Enjoy avocados for healthy fats and improved blood flow to the brain. Avoid excessive caffeine and energy drinks.

7: Include broccoli for brain-boosting benefits. Say no to excessive salt and unhealthy fast food options.

8: Incorporate dark chocolate in moderation for cognitive benefits. Skip high-sugar desserts and excess saturated fats.

9: Include green tea for antioxidants and improved brain function. Avoid excessive processed snacks and sugary treats.