1: "Keto superfoods high in fiber, magnesium, and iron recommended by experts. Discover the top picks for a healthy low-carb diet."

2: "Avocados – rich in healthy fats and fiber, supports digestion & heart health. A keto-friendly superfood approved by experts."

3: "Spinach – loaded with iron and magnesium, this leafy green is a must for keto diets. Boosts energy and supports muscle function."

4: "Chia seeds – high in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and magnesium. Supports heart health and aids digestion on a keto diet."

5: "Almonds – packed with magnesium, fiber, and healthy fats. A satisfying snack that supports heart health and boosts energy."

6: "Flaxseeds – rich in fiber, omega-3s, and magnesium. Supports digestive health and helps maintain a healthy weight on keto diets."

7: "Broccoli – high in fiber and iron, this low-carb veggie is essential for a balanced keto diet. Supports digestion and boosts immunity."

8: "Salmon – a great source of magnesium and iron, packed with heart-healthy omega-3s. Supports brain health and muscle recovery on keto."

9: "Cauliflower – low in carbs, high in fiber and magnesium. A versatile veggie that supports bone health and aids in weight management on keto."